Hello, I'm james Hart

A computer screen with a speaker either side

I'm a musician, audio producer, technologist and occasional podcaster.
This site is about the music and audio projects I've worked on, as well as what I get up to with technology old and new, with examples of the things I'm doing and haven't quite got round to finishing.

Me, standing with my guitar
Me and my guitar


I occasionally write and record songs, and have produced two albums. I enjoy creating cover versions of songs that I love; I've performed at open mics as part of the Luton Ukimaniacs  (Luton's finest ukulele group) as well as contributing to Karaoke Secret Santa, a musical gift exchange.


I've been doing things with audio since childhood, including a time as a broadcast engineer for BBC Radio; I have a small home studio in which I've done voiceovers, podcasts and YouTube videos, and I'm always happy to help with projects large or small.


My main career is in IT - see my Linkedin page for more - but I've always had an interest outside work with technology, from old home computers to modern microcontrollers; there's always something I'm in the middle of, from home automation to setting up internet streaming for church services.