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I've had the domain for quite some time now, but it's always been a bit of a hassle to read out ("yes, a hyphen, a dash, not a slash"). It's not going away, especially since it is the main email address I use; I'm just after something a bit catchier, and seems to fit the bill.

Why zx85? It's a bit of a pun on my first home computer (the Sinclair zx81) and my favourite year of pop music (1985 - obviously!) Yes, it's also the model of a digger, but you can't have everything.

Having used it as my musical moniker for the last six years, I thought it was about time I picked up a domain, and took the opportunity to start using it when I migrated my website to the cloud.

The process for doing this - having registered the domain with  - was made so much simpler by a tool I found called nginx proxy manager which sits alongside the Docker containers that run my sites, and not only directs web browsers to the right container, but also deals with the requirements of SSL certifcates (essential to ensure a website runs securely) usng the excellent free service provided by LetsEncrypt.

I remember setting up my webserver a few years ago and it was a real nuisance - the combination of nginx proxy manager and LetsEncrypt has made it incredibly easy to do! I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials online, but please get in touch if you want a demo or need a hand getting it working.